Update: Momo Whats App girl challenge, SUICIDE!

The creepy story of Momo the Whats App girl has gotten pretty famous all around the globe. Various people, especially Youtubers have contacted Momo and documented their experiences. It´s pretty obvious that all of these Videos are fake, and only produced to gather as many clicks as possible. Many people believed that the whole Momo hype has already faded, because the original number has been blocked by Whats App, and therefore contact with the "real" Momo girl has now become impossible.

contact with momo the whats app girl has come to an end


But dramatic news have hitted the community around Momo. A 12 year old Brazilian girl was contacted by a mysterious number on Whats App. The profile picture of the number was the famous picture of Momo. Convinced by the picture and the information given by the person behind the number, the little girl built trust for the stranger. After a series of demands, the 12 year old wanted to stop contact. But the stranger being setting the girl under pressure, threatening her to do harm to her family. So the girl did everything the stranger wanted to, including eventual suicide. 

Until know there are no further details known about the suicide and the offender. Many people believe the incident to be the begin of the infamous blue whale challenge! 

As always I will inform you as soon as further details will arise!

Until then, Have a good and safe time in the internet! 


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