The 3 a.m. myth- The Devil´s Hour?

We are all familiar with the so called feeling of being watched. It´s just this eerie sensation of knowing that somebody is behind you, but if you turn around nothing seems to be there... 

Well, frightening enough if this creepy feeling overcomes you while staggering through the streets on your way home from the local pub. But things get really terrifying when death seems to be right around the corner in your own home. To be more precise: When you are a sleep, at your most vulnerable. Well this takes the term "fear" to a whole new level!


So let´s continue to the myth. If you wake up around 3 a.m. for no reason,chances are pretty high that somebody, or something is watching you. At least that´s what the 3. a.m. myth constitutes.

Let´s roll up the theories from the historical/religious site first. It is believed that Jesus Christ died at 3 p.m. As a metaphorical counterpart it is believed that demonic activity therefore is at its peak at 3 a.m. The problem with this theory is, that Jesus´ hour of death can´t be exactly determined. Even the exact date is not 100% confirmed. It 

The next question is, if demons and paranormal entities have a sense of time? Well in this case we could say that it would be easier for paranormal beings(if they exist) to manifest at times when solar energy is at it´s lowest. According to some theories, demons and ghosts have somehow a electromagnetic component to them so it would be easier for them to manifest at night when sources of energy are at their lowest. 3 a.m. would be a rather ideal time since it is the darkest part of the night with the lowest human activity in terms of traffic etc.

Let´s look at the medical approach to the 3 a.m. myth. Studies suggest that the melatonin which occurs in the human body around 3 a.m. leads to a higher possibility of intense dreaming and spontaneous mystical and visionary states. In a study, the dreams of multiple persons were observed throughout a whole night. Although there frequency of dreams was higher at 3 a.m. the dream bizarreness was higher at 8 a.m. As you can see, this study can´t really prove the 3 a.m. myth. But it also can´t bust it!

As you can see there is not much evidence out there that can help with explaining strange occurrences taking place at 3 a.m. Whether the 3 a.m. myth is real or not. Most of paranormal activities take place at night. The human race has dealt with the fear of the dark since ages, and somehow there must be a connection between demonic/ghostly activity and the night. With that being said:

Have a good nights sleep!







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