Momo The Whats App Girl

Creepy news have entered the Horror community a few days ago. The topic that is intensely discussed since approximately 4 days(17.07.18) is known under the name "Momo" Whats App chat/ number.

The mystery started, when people received messages on Whats App from the number +813-4510-2539. It turned out to be a Japanese number. Almost all reports about the creepy "Momo" Whats App chat are in Spanish. 

Some people who have had contact with "Momo" claim that she sent them graphic and disturbing pictures of dead corpses. One guy even started a back search on Google and didn´t find an original source of the images. So the pictures must be from the dark net or the user "Momo" has made them on his/her own. However there is no evidence if the existence of these pictures is real or fake. 

You might ask yourself: What´s that creepy deformed face all about? Well, it was reported that the face seen in the image must be inspired from a Japanese exhibit called the Vanilla Gallery. 

The user "Momo" seems to speak multiple languages, he could be contacted successfully from all around the world in the last few days. 

A few days after the Phone number and the story around it were revealed, mysterious videos were uploaded to Youtube. In these videos, a being very similar to the original "Momo" can be seen posing with a knife or just looking weirdly into the camera. 

Whatever the outcome of this very creepy internet story might be. Surely, some more peculiar stories regarding "Momo the creepy Whats App number" will await us in the next few days.


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