Alien species already living among us?

Are we alone? 

In order to roll up this question, we have to review the hard facts. 

Throughout the whole 20th and 21st century, reports of UFO´s landing on planet earth have dramatically increased. The famous Roswell incident which took place in 1947 has kick started this whole topic. Especially during the days of the cold war UFO sightings were almost reported on a daily basis.

As soon as the age of internet had begun, the incidents became a fix component of the world wide web. UFO experts determine the amount of sightings to be around 60.000 just in the USA. 

How big is the probability?

In terms of plain probability, we could say that in terms of the endless size of the universe, the existence of extra terrestrial life forms is almost mathematically inevitable.

But how big is the probability that alien species are living on planet earth?

Expert statements

In this case there is no safe way to tell if alien species have visited or are existing on planet earth. We can just rely on statements and facts. We all know that every existing piece of evidence out there could be fake so we can´t trust on that.

But things get actually pretty interesting if we look at statements from experts and trust worthy persons. Ex- defence minister of Canada Paul Hellyer believes that alien species have visited the earth for thousands of years. Hellyer claims that different sorts of extraterrestrial races travel from various solar systems to visit earth. Hellyer also claims that one species even exists on one of Saturn´s moons.

If you are interested in all the statements of Hellyer, watch the video below.

World famous scientist Stephen Hawking also states that alien life is highly likely. Hawking says that in a universe with 100 billion galaxies, each containing hundreds of millions of stars, it is unlikely that earth is the only place where life has evolved.

Again as we can see in the example of Hawking´s statement, the chance of alien life not being a myth is very likely, but how can we determine if extraterrestrial life is existing on earth? 

The infinity of space

My answer to this is the following: Possible but never confirmable until there is enough evidence. Well this answer sounds pretty boring. But think of it in another way. After hundreds of years of developing technology, brilliant instruments like space telescopes and radar systems, nothing can disprove alien life. There are even more signs speaking for alien life than against it! If a species can travel for billions of light years through thousands of galaxies, it sure is able to travel the 150-200km from the earth orbit to earth itself. If we think of it that way, the whole hypothesis sounds a whole lot more logical, at least for me...

Our fascination for life in outer space has shown itself in major movie pictures and novels throughout the last 100 years. This shows how deep the urge to push beyond the boundaries of space sits among the human race. A major movie picture that brought new fascination for extraterrestrial life to the world was the 1979 horror film "Alien". It fascinated us as much as it scared us. In our "Just Horror Dolls" shop we offer a wide variety of movie merchandise, including the original "Alien" character.



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