6 facts about Chucky you probably did not know!

As we all know, the concept of dolls getting possessed is not an uncommon horror movie topic. The creator of Chucky, Don Mancini managed to create a cult around the Chucky movies and break out of the classic horror doll movie cliches. The story is centered around a notorious serial killer known as the "Lakeshore Strangler", who managed to escape death by transfering his soul to a "Good Guy" doll through a voodoo ritual. Whilst the very first Chucky movie(1988) incorporated various elements of psychological horror, the movies became more humorous and slasher orientated afterwards. Anyway, the horror community will always adore the whole story around a "good guy" doll who started killing people!


Chucky´s name Charles Lee Ray was created out of the names of 3 famous real life serial killers: Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald(he murdered JFK) and James Earl Ray(he murdered Martin Luther King).


Chucky has a secret backstory; the novelization of Child’s Play 2 includes an origin story for Charles Lee Ray. He came from a broken home and was brutally bullied; his first victim was his own abusive mother.





Chucky exists in the same extended cinematic universe as Freddy KruegerJason VoorheesMichael Myers, and Leatherface. We see evidence of this in a police locker in Bride of Chucky.

Freddy Krueger - Horror Movie


Brittany Spears hates Chucky. Chucky kills a Spears look-alike in Seed of Chucky, which left the pop princess worried her fans would think she actually appears in the film.


Jonathan Lithgow was considered for the role of Charles Lee Ray and the Voice of Chucky before Brad Dourif got the part.


A few Easter eggs in a police evidence locker is as close as Chucky has come to crossing over with other horror icons in the movies, but ideas for versus films have been bandied about over the years.
Child's Play writer Don Mancini tabled the concept of the killer doll finding his way to Elm Street and meeting Freddy Krueger, and it sounds like a nightmare come true.
Mancini envisaged a movie called Child's Play on Elm Street in which the slasher duo team up before locking horns in a lethal game of one-upmanship.

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